Stories about knowledge sharing

Between October 2014 and November 2016 we looked at how knowledge was shared during case management meetings in 5 community health and social care teams. We also developed and tested a set of questions designed to help the teams to share knowledge (see the knowledge sharing resources for more details).

Data collected during this work were analysed during a series of creative analysis workshops involving members of the teams and other researchers. During the workshop participants read the data, used creative materials to represent how knowledge was being shared and described their creations to the rest of the group.

The result was a series of stories about knowledge sharing. Each story represents how knowledge is shared in one of the community health and social care teams and illustrates a number of lessons about how groups of people share knowledge. They can be read online here or downloaded by clicking the images below.

Some of the stories include named characters. These characters are fictional and are not based on any one individual.




This project was undertaken as part of a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship (reference KMRF-2013-02-07). Grant value: £198,630. Project period: June 2014-May 2017

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