Reports, articles & posters

On this page you will find links to a number of publications which have been produced over the course of the project. Please click on the images to access them.

This short report was produced at the end of the project. It covers the background, aims, methods and results of the project.




This paper presents a framework for knowledge mobilisers. Based on a review of 47 knowledge mobilisation models it consists of 4 simple questions to enable knowledge mobilisers to reflect on, communicate and evaluate their aims and objectives.





This poster was presented at the UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum in 2015. It is based on work which is outlined in more detail in the research paper above.



This poster was presented at both the UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum and Canadian Knowledge Mobilisation Forum in 2016. It is based on one of the stories about knowledge sharing.




This project was undertaken as part of a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship (reference KMRF-2013-02-07). Grant value: £198,630. Project period: June 2014-May 2017

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